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  1. Detriot- Matthew Stafford detriot needs a face of their franchise and Stafford has the tools to be a franchise QB
  2. St. Louis- Jason Smith the Rams need an anchor for their line and the fastest rising tackle is Jason 
  3. Kansas City- Aaron Curry the best part of the Cassell trade was that the cheifs could pass on Sanchez and select Curry the best easily the best Linebacker and probably the top player in the draft Curry is a playmaker who excels against the run and in coverage
  4. Seattle- Eugene Monroe theres been a lot of talk about Sanchez but thats probably bs as for crabtree i dont think he fills that big of a need not as much Monroe fills   
  5. Cleveland- Tyson Jackson there was talk he could go #3 i dont see that but he fits the system better then anybody else on the board 
  6. Cincinnati- Andr'e Smith i still think he is the elite tackle in this draft but his stock has fallen cincinnati gets the guy who can keep Carson Palmer on his feet
  7. Oakland- Micheal Crabtree they need a reciver despite the talk he's a better then every other reciver in this draft by a mile 
  8. Jacksonville- TRADE Mark Sanchez the Jets move up a pickup their franchise qb and fill there biggest need
  9. Green Bay- B.J Raji Green Bay wats to move to the 3-4 the only way and 3-4 can be succesful is if there is a nose tackle to occupy blockers there lucky raji falls to them
  10. San Francisco- Micheal Oher Mike Singletry wants to stress the run game Oher will provide power blocking to lead the way for the next 10 years 
  11. Buffalo- Brian Orapko buffalo gets the 2nd best defender in the draft and they get the pass rush they despertly need  
  12. Dever- Aaron Maybin the Broncos get the best pass rusher on the board  
  13. Washington- Evertte Brown another one of the explosive pass rushers in this class can do what jason taylor was supposed when he was brought in
  14. New Orleans- Malcom Jenkins a very easy pick the Saints DB's have been bad for years malcom and sure up the a corner or safety spot
  15. Houston- Chris Wells i dont know why no one has him here wells and slaton give houston a great backfield for a long time 
  16. San Diego- Clay Matthews Merriman or not the Chargers where awful at getting to the qb in a 3-4 that falls on the outside linebackers
  17. New York/Jets- Vonte Davis this pick is jacksonville's now and they get the player they want a lot later meaning a lot cheaper
  18. Denver- Rey Maulagua will bring their defense the toughness it needs
  19. Tampa Bay- Micheal Johnson gives tampa the althetic end they need oppisite Gaines Adams and actually i see johnson as the steal of the 1st round he will be te next peppers or williams trust me
  20. Detroit- Eben Brittion now detirot gets th top tackle on the board to protect their new face of the franchise
  21. Philadelphia- Robert Ayers they need a left end and ayers is the top end left in the draft 
  22. Minnesota- Alex Mack the Vikings need a replacement fr birk and mack is the top center prospect in the last couple of years
  23. New England- Brian Cushing a great pedigree player with toughness and great work ethic a total billicheck player 
  24. Atlanta- Peria Jerry they despertle need a tackle on defense
  25. Miami-  Daruis Butler there biggest need and the best fit
  26. Baltimore- Jeremy Maclin a deep threat for Flacco and a new return man
  27. Indianopolis- Hackeem Nicks Anthony Gonzalez is a slot wayne is now the flanker and nicks becomes the split end.. Marvin who?
  28. Buffalo- William Beatty need to replace peters beatty good value here
  29. New York/Giants- Darruis Heyward-Bey big and fast with a good vert but questionable hands sound like anyone (Plax)
  30. Tennessee- Percy Harvin a rare athlete with him and Chris Johnson both on the field tennese is very dangerous
  31. Arizona- Brandon Pettigrew its either him or knowshown and this draft is deep a rb and this team is built on the pass
  32. Pittsburgh- Max Unger a lineman who can play center or guard and is agurably the best at both postions


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mock draftn 2.0

  1. Detriot- Matthew Stafford detriot needs a face of their franchise and Stafford has the tools to be a franchise QB
  2. St. Louis- Jason Smith the Rams need an anchor for their line and the fastest rising tackle is Jason and he ca play RT till Pace retires
  3. Kansas City- Aaron Curry the best part of the Cassell trade was that the cheifs could pass on Sanchez and select Curry the best easily the best Linebacker and probably the top player in the draft Curry is a playmaker who excels against the run and in coverage and can blitz
  4. Seattle- Michael Crabtree some belive he'll fall a little after he shrunk 2 inches at the combine well Marvin Harrison, tim brown and chad ocho cinco are all around crabtree's mesurments he's not a burner but he has amazing hands runs great routes is strong and can jump he's the playmaker the seahwaks need 
  5. Cleveland- Brian Orapko will really add to the Browns lacking pass rush and is ideal to a 3-4 defense 
  6. Cincinnati- Eugene Monroe they have the franchise passer but they can't keep him upright
  7. Oakland- Andr'e Smith al davis wants to get back to drafting the "big nasties" well they dont get bigger or nastier then andr'e i know his stock has fallen but he's to much of a talent to get by oakland
  8. Jacksonville- Vonte Davis Drayton Florence probably could've played qb better then he played cb last year with malcom jenkins dropping the pick is davis
  9. Green Bay- B.J Raji easiest pick in the draft if he's there greenbay will take him they're moving to a 3-4 and need a nose tackle
  10. San Francisco- Chris Wells Here's the drafts first big suprise i know they'll consider Everette Brown and probably sanchez but Singletery wants powerful run right up your gut offense i know they have gore but everyteam is going with two backs and gore ha injury history the 6-1 235 wells fits right into what san franscio wants to become
  11. Buffalo- Evertte Brown the Bills couldn't get to the qb last year to save their lives so brown is the choice
  12. Dever- Tyson Jackson once i know more bout the culter situation Sanchez might be the pick here but until that Jackson is a 3-4 end and those are hard to find and is a need for denver
  13. Washington- Michael Oher fills the Redskins biggest need and is a great value here
  14. New Orleans- Malcom Jenkins can play either corner or safty and preformed better then any db this year
  15. Houston- duke robinson this is the biggest reach of the first rund but why cant guards be top 15 picks robinson will open up a lot of holes for slaton and houston wont regret the pick
  16. San Diego- Rey Mauluga fits in to there system i dont think the hamstring will be and issue and san diego doesnt have a lot of holes
  17. New York/Jets- Jeremy Maclin can play runningback return kicks and punts but hes really the explosive reciver the Jets lack
  18. Chicago- Larry english fits right into there system and fills a need easy pick
  19. Tampa Bay- Micheal Johnson just wondering does anyone else remember the last de whose biggest proble was work ethic and was said to take plays off yup Mario Williams Gruden called him a clone of juluis peppers i know he doesnt work there anymore but he still has some stock in the organization and they're pretty familar with how dominant peppers can be
  20. Detroit- Willaim beatty following the formula by the Falcons pick the passer then the blocker
  21. Philadelphia- Sean Smith the top safty in the draft replaces dawkins
  22. Minnesota- Mark Sanchez qb just isn't a dire need for teams to pick a qb and pay him a lot of money that said the Vikings really just need a qb with any talent
  23. New England- Brian Cushing really a talent with great pedigree from a winning high school program to USC and now the Patriots
  24. Atlanta- Clay matthews micheal boley was supposed to move over to te weak side whoops unstead he deciced to join the Giants and leave alanta with a big hole
  25. Miami- Alex Mack they've been looking for a center to complete their offensive line and mack has the size to handle the big nosxe tackles in the divison
  26. Baltimore- James Laurinits weather lewis returns or not this is a need and if he doesnt it's a huge need Laurintus is slipping but i dont see the 3 time all american falling out of the 1st
  27. Indianopolis- Hackeem Nicks moves right into Marvin Harrisons place and and is big and can go up and get the ball
  28. Philadelphia- Brandon Pettigrew can replace L.J smith and can be the reciving threat and the blocking tight end the Eagles need
  29. New York/Giants- Daruis Heyward-Bey with all of their signings the only hole i really see on this team is wide reciver they'll probably draft 2 and bey is the first
  30. Tennessee-Peria Jerry really fell but to tennessee's delight no need for haynesworth
  31. Arizona- Knowshown Morneo James will be cut and J.J is gone and Hightower isnt a everydown back Morneo is
  32. Steelers-Max Uger some say better then Mack will start from day 1 for the superbowl champs


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mock draft

1.Lions-Matthew Stafford QB  -The Lions need a face of the franchise and Stafford is the most talented qb in the draft          
2.Rams- Andre Smith T -Can play RT till Pace retires then he can move right into the LT spot for years to come
3.Cheifs- Aaron Curry LB - Cheifs have some young talent on offense, so they go with the top defense player on the board
4.Seahawks- Micheal Crabtree WR- Seahawks have less needs then most in the top 5 so they go with the exicting playmaker that can make their offense dynamic 
5.Browns- Knowshon Moreno RB- The first "suprise" of the draft most have Moreno falling but the Browns know their offense can be fixedwith a little run game and Moreno will be special he has a lot of L.T like qualities and he and Lewis will make a dangerous combo
6.Bengals-Eugene Monroe T- The Bengals line is a mess they need someone to protect Palmer and Monroe is the best on the board 
7.Raiders-Jeremy Maclin WR - Will go nuts at the combine will be the deep threat the Raiders have been looking for to pair with Russels huge arm 
8.Jaguars- Micheal Oher T- The Jags live on the run but the line fell apart this year Oher is a roadgrinder who will help the run with Jake Long like impact 
9.Packers- Jason Smith T- with both tackles becoming free agents and getting older they go after smith to provide either a new starter or depth 
10.49ers- Mark Sanchez QB- they have much bigger needs but they can't pass up on a potential franchise qb to get the bad taste of Alex Smith out of their mouth 
11.Bills- Brian Orakpo DE- The Bills pass rush was awful Orapko will be the top rated end come draft time so this will be an easy decsion 
12.Broncos- Everette Brown DE- Brown and Orakpo will be 1 and 2 for DE up until they're drafted the bronco need everthing but corner so brown is there guy
13.Redskins- Eben Britton T- They have few holes to fill so they reach on Britton to sure up the O-Line  
14.Saints- Rey Maualuga LB-  Vilma might be leaving via free agency even if he doesnt he might be better suited as an outside so Maulaga fills the biggest hole
15.Texans- Malcom Jenkins- they need secondary help Jenkins is hands down the top DB in the class easy decsion 
Chargers- Chris Wells RB-
Sporles is gone, Tomilson might be declining or leaving either way the chargers at least need a change of paceback Wells had top 10 talent Rb's just arent in great demand this year so the chargers get a steal 
16.Jets- Percy Harvin WR-
   Weather Favre comes back or not the Jets need someone who can make plays and Harvin can do that he can play reciver, runningback, and returner
17.Bears- Peria Jerry DT- The Bears will stick to what they do Defense and strong oline there isnt and elite oline talent left so jerry comes off the board to help sure up the tackle behind Tommie Harris 
18.Buccaners- Josh Freemen QB -  is gone so the lack of young qb's is now gone and as first order of business i think the bucs select their qb of the future with the big armed Freeman
19.Lions- B.J Raji DT -  0-16 means you have a lot to fix they already got their qb. but they never really found a replacement for Shaun Rogers with a talent like Raji on the board they fix that now
20.Eagles- Willam Moore S - Dawkins is a free agent and just isnt what he used to be the Eagles get the top saftey to help ease the trasiton from the face of the eagles defense for years
21.Vikings- Vonte Davis CB - extremly talented but some additude issues the Vikings take a chance to help what could be one of the best defense in football in 09
22.Patriots -Aaron Maybin DE - perfect fit for the 3-4 and great talent might be a outside linebacker in there system
23.Falcons -Brandon Pettigrew TE - a saftey net for Matt Ryan to grow old with plus this TE blocks unusal for tight ends these days
24.Dolphins- Duke Robinson G - put him next to Long and have the best left side of the line for the next decade 
25.Ravens- James Laurinaitis LB -
odds are the Ravens will lose one of their 3 free agent LB's probably Bart Scott Laurinatis moves right in and the ravens don't miss a beat
26.Colts- Clint Sintsim LB - Colts really dont have any holes some people have them getting a replacment for marvin haversion but i think they give him another year Sintsim is a rising LB who can make plays 
27.Eagles- Michael Johnson- Juqua Parker is good but not a jimmie johnson de johnson in that blitzing system will do insane things 
28.Giants- Brian Cushing LB-
 i dont see the Giants getting back to the superbowl with Danny Clark at linebacker they'll probably keep cushing is a top outisde and tristate area native 
29.Titians- Hakeem Nicks WR-
eventually they have to take a reciver don't they? i think this is the year they add a real playmaker with the amazing althete Nicks 
30.Cardinals- LeShwan McCoy RB-
James is probably on his way out hightower is a beast mixed with McCoy's speed and elusiveness they create a good smash and dash 
31.Steelers- Alex Mack C- has there ever been a more perfect fix mack will help sure up the interior of the steeler line and the traditon of great Center

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