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Posted on: April 23, 2009 6:55 pm


  1. Detriot- Matthew Stafford detriot needs a face of their franchise and Stafford has the tools to be a franchise QB
  2. St. Louis- Jason Smith the Rams need an anchor for their line and the fastest rising tackle is Jason 
  3. Kansas City- Aaron Curry the best part of the Cassell trade was that the cheifs could pass on Sanchez and select Curry the best easily the best Linebacker and probably the top player in the draft Curry is a playmaker who excels against the run and in coverage
  4. Seattle- Eugene Monroe theres been a lot of talk about Sanchez but thats probably bs as for crabtree i dont think he fills that big of a need not as much Monroe fills   
  5. Cleveland- Tyson Jackson there was talk he could go #3 i dont see that but he fits the system better then anybody else on the board 
  6. Cincinnati- Andr'e Smith i still think he is the elite tackle in this draft but his stock has fallen cincinnati gets the guy who can keep Carson Palmer on his feet
  7. Oakland- Micheal Crabtree they need a reciver despite the talk he's a better then every other reciver in this draft by a mile 
  8. Jacksonville- TRADE Mark Sanchez the Jets move up a pickup their franchise qb and fill there biggest need
  9. Green Bay- B.J Raji Green Bay wats to move to the 3-4 the only way and 3-4 can be succesful is if there is a nose tackle to occupy blockers there lucky raji falls to them
  10. San Francisco- Micheal Oher Mike Singletry wants to stress the run game Oher will provide power blocking to lead the way for the next 10 years 
  11. Buffalo- Brian Orapko buffalo gets the 2nd best defender in the draft and they get the pass rush they despertly need  
  12. Dever- Aaron Maybin the Broncos get the best pass rusher on the board  
  13. Washington- Evertte Brown another one of the explosive pass rushers in this class can do what jason taylor was supposed when he was brought in
  14. New Orleans- Malcom Jenkins a very easy pick the Saints DB's have been bad for years malcom and sure up the a corner or safety spot
  15. Houston- Chris Wells i dont know why no one has him here wells and slaton give houston a great backfield for a long time 
  16. San Diego- Clay Matthews Merriman or not the Chargers where awful at getting to the qb in a 3-4 that falls on the outside linebackers
  17. New York/Jets- Vonte Davis this pick is jacksonville's now and they get the player they want a lot later meaning a lot cheaper
  18. Denver- Rey Maulagua will bring their defense the toughness it needs
  19. Tampa Bay- Micheal Johnson gives tampa the althetic end they need oppisite Gaines Adams and actually i see johnson as the steal of the 1st round he will be te next peppers or williams trust me
  20. Detroit- Eben Brittion now detirot gets th top tackle on the board to protect their new face of the franchise
  21. Philadelphia- Robert Ayers they need a left end and ayers is the top end left in the draft 
  22. Minnesota- Alex Mack the Vikings need a replacement fr birk and mack is the top center prospect in the last couple of years
  23. New England- Brian Cushing a great pedigree player with toughness and great work ethic a total billicheck player 
  24. Atlanta- Peria Jerry they despertle need a tackle on defense
  25. Miami-  Daruis Butler there biggest need and the best fit
  26. Baltimore- Jeremy Maclin a deep threat for Flacco and a new return man
  27. Indianopolis- Hackeem Nicks Anthony Gonzalez is a slot wayne is now the flanker and nicks becomes the split end.. Marvin who?
  28. Buffalo- William Beatty need to replace peters beatty good value here
  29. New York/Giants- Darruis Heyward-Bey big and fast with a good vert but questionable hands sound like anyone (Plax)
  30. Tennessee- Percy Harvin a rare athlete with him and Chris Johnson both on the field tennese is very dangerous
  31. Arizona- Brandon Pettigrew its either him or knowshown and this draft is deep a rb and this team is built on the pass
  32. Pittsburgh- Max Unger a lineman who can play center or guard and is agurably the best at both postions


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1. Detroit select – Matthew Stafford/QB

2. St. Louis select – Jason Smith/OT Baylor

3. Kansas City select - Eugene Monroe/ OT Virginia

4. Seattle select – Mark Sanchez/QB Southern California

5. Cleveland select – Aaron Curry/ LB Wake Forest

6. Cincinnati select – Michael Oher/ OT Mississippi

7. Oakland select – Jeremy Maclin/ WR Missouri

8. Jacksonville select – Michael Crabtree/ WR Texas Tech

9. Green Bay select –  B.J. Raji/ DT Boston College

10. San Francisco select – Brian Orakpo/ DE Taxas

11. Buffalo select – Andre Smith/ OT Alabama

12. Denver select – Rey Maualuga/ LB USC

13. Washington select – Clay Matthews/ LB USC

14. New Orleans select - Chris Wells/ RB Ohio State

15. Houston select - Brian Cushing/ LB USC

16. San Diego select – William Beatty/ OT Connecticut

17. New York select – Knowshon Moreno/ RB Georgia

18. Denver Broncos select – Everette Brown/ DE Florida State

19. Tampa Bay select – Peria Jerry/ DT Mississippi

20. Detroit Lions select – Eben Britton/ OT Arizona

21. Philadelphia select – Malcolm Jenkins/ S Ohio State

22. Minnesota select – Alex Mack/ C California

23. New England select – Aaron Maybin/ DE Penn State

24. Atlanta select –

25. Miami select – Brian Pettigrew/ TE Oklahoma State

26. Baltimore select – Percy Harvin/ WR Florida

27. Indianapolis select – Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR Maryland

28. Buffalo Bills select -

29. Cleveland Browns select – Hakeem Nicks/ WR North Carolina (NYG-Trade with Cleveland WR B.Edwards)

30. Tennessee select – Vontae Davis/ CB Illinois

31. Arizona select – Donald Brown/RB UConn

32. Pittsburgh select – Duke Robinson/ OG Oklahoma

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